Hyperdrive was fortunate enough to spend valuable time and have unprecedented access within the 2017 Australian Grand Prix Formula One Paddock.

Melbourne produced some fantastic weather throughout the four days of the Grand Prix weekend and created an exciting atmosphere for the opening race of the Formula 1 season.

 The Formula One Paddock Entrance.

The Formula One Paddock Entrance.

Having access to the Formula One paddock, the team were able to extend our existing connections from a range of Formula One teams and develop a few new ones too.

The Grand Prix weekend has always been something the team has been passionate about and is one of the most anticipated events on our calendar, all being F1 enthusiasts! It has been a powerful opportunity over the last few years to be there and have the race in our home city. 

Race day brought some very exciting racing, proving that there will be a championship fight between Ferrari and Mercedes this season and that Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton will most likely fight for the drivers crown. 

The spectacle of utter engineering performance was portrayed through the Royal Australian Air Force's demonstrations of the F-18 Super Hornet. These machines are unparalleled to anything in their innovation, technology, speed and abilities. Hugh was fortunate to meet the pilots of the jets and have a quick chat before taking to the air. 

A big thank you must go to Dr Michael Myers and Brett Sizeland at Re-Engineering Australia who provided the team with access into the Formula One paddock. A warm congratulations to our close friends at the Australian Grand Prix Corporation too, who have set the standard for races globally to match. From Melbourne to the World, Hyperdrive are looking forward to going to the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang in September.